• Size:120*60*35mm
    Paper:350gsm C1S
    Finishing: Matt lamination Die-cutting, Creasing folding, gluing

  • Size:370*120*90mm
    Gold art paper+2mm grey board
    No printing
    With magnets closure

  • Size: 210*297mm
    Pages: 4Pcover+208Pcontent
    Paper stock: Cover: 300gsm glossy paper
    Content: 128gsm glossy paper
    Print: cover: 4/4C; content: 4/4C
    Finish: outside of cover with matt lamination
    Binding: perfect bound

  • Flat-able Wine Box

    157gsm gloss art + 2mm grey board
    Printing: PMS Red
    Finishing: Matt lamination + gold foil

  • Rigid Wine Box.

    paper: Silver art paper + Metalized blue art paper+2mm grey board
    No Printing
    With magnets closure

  • Perfume Box

    Paper: 350gsm white art paper with texture
    KURZ Gold foil 232 stamping +2 PMS color
    die cut & gluing

  • Size: 210*270mm
    Pages: case+192P content
    Paper: case: 157gsm matt coated paper+2.5mm grey board
    content: 157gsm matt coated paper
    Print color: case: 4/0C; content: 4/4C
    Finish: outside of case with matt lamination
    Binding: case bound with 2 ribbons

  • Size: Size: 65w*120h*30d mm
    Paper: silver metalized paper
    Printing: white base+2solors(1PMSRed+Black)
    Finishing: Die-cutting, creasing folding gluing

  • Wine Box

    Size: 357*102*90mm
    Paper: 157gsm glossy paper+2mm board+157gsm glossy paper
    Outside: 1 PMS grey + silver foil stamping+ rejection UV varnish
    Inside: rejection UV varnish Embossing on the logo on both top & side panel
    add EVA insert; with Magnet closure Each box packed into one OPP bag