Why Set-up cartons are here to stay

Set-up cartons are also known as custom boxes. They are quite familiar with the rigid type of cartons as they tend to be used mostly for high end products. They are quite sturdy, affordable and quite versatile. Many companies prefer them over the others because of their quality. They do not disappoint even when exposed to some of the harsh weather conditions. They normally come customized and are only made on order. On very rare occasions are they made without order as they are meant to store specific kind of items? This is where they get their name from.

Who uses Set-up cartons?
The name might be a little confusing but these are items that are mainly used by manufacturers to transport of ship delicate and or high end goods. Because of their nature, they are easy to store, pile up and or even carry around without breaking or having any dents. They are made to withstand a high degree of tolerance and this is a fact that can be proved by the many uses they normally have. The products are used for beauty products, computer and their accessories, different kinds of cosmetics, jewelry and food packing just to name a few.

Set-up cartons can be made into any shape and when there is more required they undergo other processes like coating, dyeing and hot stamping. The cartons are very handy and are not only meant for one use. On many occasions they are reused in offices, homes or stores to keep clutter and or even when shipping items. Set-up cartons are normally produced in many forms, others come with leads, others are opened and still others are made in cylindrical form to store delicate products like wines and products that need to keep straight while on transit.

Finally, Set-up cartons also come in different thickness level depending on the items it is to be used for. The weight is dictated between the manufacturer and the customer when making an order. They are a preferred mode of shipping because they are light-weight and do not come with extra weight. They can be arranged easily even into a small space and are made to withstand different weather conditions as mentioned earlier. They are quite durable and of high quality and are some of the products that you cannot miss in the market. And interestingly there is no fold up required.