Why rigid cartons are known as boxes with added value

Rigid cartons are some of the best shipping packages. This is because they are made according to specification and keep the goods in good shape until their next destination. As their name suggest – they are rigid because they come fully formed. They are essentially meant for items that require a rigid box for storage or shipping purposes. Normally foam or chipboard is added for extra security for goods on transit. There is usually no stapling, folding and gluing required as all these and any printing or labeling is usually done by the manufacturer before the delivery to the client.

Rigid cartons are a beauty as they are made on order, specifications and are quite durable. Companies that use these products are able to present to both their customers and clients articles of value and worth. Many manufacturers use hot stamping to create logos and or different types of printing as a final product. The products are normally made of high quality paper and can literally be made in different size, shape of width depending on its use. The boxes can come round, square, cylindrical, triangle name it, shaping of this amazing product from the factory is not hard and they can come with very attractive and beautiful shapes.

Since rigid cartons come fully formed, there is usually no extra effort needed to assemble them together. Packers usually have an easier time as they come fully inform and preferred color. The use of the cartons has increased considerably overtime. Competition amongst business owners is increasing its use in the market as the scramble for the same customers will depend on how the marketed goods are presented. This usually goes a long way in dictating who presents their product better to their customers at large. Many of the customers usually look at the way the goods are packed before making their purchase.

The branding and use of rigid cartons has proved to be a great marketing tool for many business owners and will go into great extent in properly branding their goods in these attractive and luxurious cartons. The use of cartons is numerous. They are used by clothing stores, wineries, foot-wear, jewelers and candy shops to store various items. They also make great gift packs that can later be re-issued by the client in other ways. Since they are re-usable, many of those who get them always choose to put them into other uses or as keepsakes.

Finally, rigid cartons are known for their durability and rarely collapse under the weight of the items packed in them. The boxes are usually embossed or coated both inside and outside depending on the customer’s requirements. They literally come in any color and are quite beautiful to look at. Whatever the cost, the cartons still remain a preferred mode of packaging as no extra labor is required to put them in place. The fact that they come fully formed made, make them easier and efficient products in the market. The number of people using them has literally increased over the last few years.