Why most of the China printing industries are spread around the South

China printing has grown in over the last few years and the world over customers are now looking to China for quality and cheaper printed products. This has been occasioned by the fact that since recession hit hard; most companies around the world are yet to pick up. The cost of oil hit the roof, employees were sent home and many companies are unable to pick up or even afford to hire new staff and or purchase raw materials. Incredibly, this gave China a better footing as manufacturers and customers chose to outsource printing jobs in China.

Why China still dominates the printing industry

China printing sector has grown steadily and this has been occasioned by the support they have received from the government. China interestingly, boasts of a large number of printing industries mostly space around the Southern part of the country. This is because the raw materials are easier to source locally and labor is still quite affordable. In fact, according to research there are over 60,000 printing companies or press spread around the Southern part alone and holds China’s economy and any other purchasing capabilities in their hand. In fact one of the largest printing conventions is heading there in 2014.

There are great benefits that come with China printing which include amongst many others:

• Improved technology – China boasts of being one of the countries around the world to have invested heavily in technological machines in their printing industry. This has made it quite possible to handle the large number of printing jobs that come to their printing presses each single day.
• Quality is assured – the Chinese are very hard working people. They are hones in whatever mode of business they are made to handle and ensure that no sub-standard products leave their printers.
• Cost effective – Customers around the world have come to appreciate that despite the distance and the shipping charges, China still remains an affordable printing destination.

China printing industry that printing can be handled differently. Customers do not have to wait for ages to see their first samples. The printing industry here is quite swift and coupled with technology and modern machines, customers are able to see their first sample in a day or two before the final printing work is done. This has made it easier for customers to edit any errors and or mistakes that might occur when printing items in bulk.

Lastly, China printing industry has been quite efficient for both their local and overseas client to do business with them. Most of the ventures work on a 24 hour basis making it easier for customers around the world to contact them even when on different time zones. Doing business when in different time zones can be quite difficult and many industries here have tried to close the gap by working on a 24 hour basis thereby making contact and doing business with them easier. The printing industry here continues to develop and might in a few years or so proves to be the world leader in printing.