Why chipboard carton is the answer to a green environment

The use of chipboard carton has increased drastically over the last few years. This has been necessitated by the fact that most goods now come pre-packed. Packaging is currently one of the world’s largest economy earners from Europe to Asia and Africa to America. They are lighter and quite easy to use both for packing and shipping. There is also the comfort and satisfaction of receiving the goods in one piece. Chipboard is made of recycled paper making them an eco friendly product currently in the market. The boxes can be made is several shapes and sizes depending on the requirement.

Chipboard carton currently one of the best preferred mode of packaging. The world is still grappling with the large packaging waste that is a danger to both the environment and its inhabitants. Manufacturers have been forced to go green. This ensures that any packaging material should be made of biodegradable material. The use of clipboard as a packaging material is a great relieve to most manufacturers as it is easy to handle and poses no threats even when discarded. They are also easier to store and transport from one place to another. Most manufacturers always provide free samples before manufacturing in bulk.

The demand for chipboard carton has risen steadily and given manufacturers something to smile about. This is mainly because of the rise in packaging needs. Goods are now not only packaged but also tend to be attractively packaged. Clipboard enables those who wish to do so to have them printed unlike few years ago when they were blank. Printing enables the customer to advertise and market their goods at no extra costs. Before any printing is done, the quality of the carton must be considered. Not all cartons are printable. Printing depends on the strength of the box.

Studies have found that for better printing of chipboard carton then SBS material should be used. Solid bleach sulphate or SBS at it is normally referred to ensures that the uses less ink during printing. Cartons without this particular material tend to absorb less ink and help in bringing out better and cleaner graphics. There are other factors that come during printing, for better quality of graphics and or vivid images coating is necessary. Coating is normally done on the inside but for printing purposes is done on the outer cover too. Kraft box are usually very difficult to print as they tend to absorb a large amount of ink, thereby making them look untidy.

Another important factor worth noting is that clipboard comes in variety of thickness. The thickness in most occasions dictates the type of items they should be used for. When transporting delicate items on chipboard carton a little padding is important. Delicate items like cartridges, jewelry and items of great worth are normally padded to ensure that they are not damaged whilst on transit. The cost that comes with manufacturing such items is so high thereby necessitating proper padding inside the cartons. Whatever your packaging purposes always ensure to go green, saving the environment is currently the world’s greatest need.