What You Should Know about Chipboard Cartons

One of the great inventions in the packaging industry today is the introduction of chipboard cartons. Invention or introduction of new things in the industrial sector has become the order of the day. Technology has really played a significant role here as with its knowledge new methods of doing things such as processing, packaging and storage of already manufactured items have been detected. Chipboard cartons have become a very important material for packaging of products in practically every manufacturing company especially in China.

Brief history

The first ever chipboard cartons were introduced in England in 1817. It has existed in China for quite a long time. It was the invention of modern paper that stimulated the innovation of chipboard cartons. Folding cartons emerged in 1860. Due to the fact that it consumes space, it was flattened to cut down space for its users. Ever since its invention, it has undergone a lot of modifications as the technological know-how of the world improved.


1. They are thick paper-like materials with a thickness of about o.25mm (o.0098 inches) far thicker than ordinary paper.

2. It has a lot more weight when compared to the ordinary paper with a basic weight of 224g per metre square although with some exceptions.

3. It comes in single ply and double ply.

4. It comes in different colours and designs.

5. It has three distinct layers that form a ply, the chip layer and the flank layers.

6. It is very strong and therefore used for packaging of products.


1. Packaging- Due to their sturdy nature, they have been made a preferable choice for the packaging of most products. In most Chinese companies for instance, they are used in the packaging of electronics, food items, drugs and so many other products. It is a very much affordable packaging means.

2. Printing- Chipboard cartons are as well good for printing. This is expected as it was made of paper or wood in some cases. It can be produced in different colours and therefore is suitable for this purpose.

3. Book binding- It is no news that book covers are supposed to be thicker and stronger than the interior pages. Therefore this is an ideal binding option for book binding.


1. It is very affordable.

2. It is a multi-use material and serves a lot of purposes.

3. It is durable if handled with care.

4. It is very eye-catching if given a good design.


1. It can be destroyed by water.

Chipboard cartons can be subjected to disintegration after a long period of time.