The 6th Guangzhou Packaging Products Exhibition 2010

The exhibition will be held in Guangzhou, China during 1-3 April 2010.

This exhibition will contain the following products:

1. Jewelry, gift packaging: jewelry box, jewelry racks, jewelry bags, gift boxes, gift bags, other jewelry and gift packaging.

2. Food packaging: wine packaging, cigarette packaging, beverage packaging, healthcare packaging, tea packaging, candy packaging, honey packaging, edible oil packaging, snack food packaging, moon cake packaging, aquatic packaging, egg packaging, spices packaging, and other food packaging.

3. Cosmetic packaging: cosmetic bags, cosmetic bottles, cosmetic box, cosmetic tubes, cosmetic bag materials, gift packaging, testing equipment and travel packages.

4. Food packaging supplies: wine box, wine boxes, wooden wine box, beer bottle, wine opener, moon cake boxes, milk boxes, tea box, vacuum bag, tea gift box, candy box, candy wrappers, fruit boxes, honey bottle, cans bottle, glass jars, pickled vegetables.

5. Other packaging supplies and packaging products.

6. Packaging materials and packaging products with accessories and eqipment

7. Product packaging design services companies and relevant media.