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Brochure Catalog Printing Order from Sweden

Brochure catalog printing order from Sweden was delivered last week with another order of plastic box containing children books. Because of the successful delivery of the last order of plastic box with children books, the client from Sweden decided to order their own brochures or catalogs with us as well. Generally, our brochure and catalog printing service is cheap and affordable compared with the price level in Europe, and our quality is the same or even better. Our service is better because normally the European printer can not afford free consultation and will tend to charge hourly fees for communication and consultation on printing job, while longpack can offer free consultation and free communication with the clients.

Repeat Order from Sweden

We have just won a repeat order from Sweden. The Swedish client was very satisfied with our first order (one full 40″ container) which was delivered in Nov., 2009. We are working very hard on this order now, hopefully we can finish it within this week, so that the client can receive this container in week 5 in Sweden.

This project is a whole package for children. It involves plastic box with transparent sealer (we outsource), one hard cover sewn bound color book, one pottering book, one pack of chalk (we outsource) and one 4C printing DVD with video inside (we outsource). The project is delivered as a whole package, meaning we produce and outsource all the other parts so that the client receive it as a whole package.

We can not only print, we can lots more. Please try to challenge us!

Plastic Box


Plastic Box Making

We sometimes come to this situation where we are asked if we can also deliver plastic box which will hold our printing books, brochures, etc. Yes, we can also that. The material of this kind of plastic box can usually be: PVC, PET, PP and PS. We have finished a few jobs as such, and we know some plastic boxes making factories in our area who can deliver this. This normally includes sample fee/tooling cost and a unit price. Actaully, we recently have a client from Sweden who needs this kind of plastic box. If your project includes a plastic box, please feel free to contact us. Please be noted that the photo shown on this page is for reference only, it is not the photo from our clients.