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Eco-Friendly Packaging

With the increased awareness of environment, there are more and more small and middle-sized companies (not only multi-national companies) are looking for eco-friendly or enviromental-friendly printing and packaging solutions.

We are working now with ecopeople in Netherland to develop about 93% recycled carton boxes for their Chistmas gift packages. In theory, 100% recycled carton boxes can also be made, but the printing on the 100% recycled paper is not so nice-looking. In order to achieve an acceptle level of the printing effect on the box, we have tested different percentage carton boxes, and came to the level of 93% which can best combine the eco-friendly idea and a presentable nice-looking gift box.

This is a great achievement compared to normally 80% recycled gift box which you can find on the market. Higher percentage of recycled gift box (still with good printing image) can give your company a selling advantage and a greener image of your packaging when you are presenting your whole products to the comsumers or when you sell your solutions to even larger companies.

We welcome your creative ideas in this area, and we believe we can work together in the solution to provide even more percentage of recycled paper box while keeping the printing image at the acceptalbe level.

(Just to mention, that all of our printing ink is soy bean ink which is imported from Japan. And this is becoming very common now in China. So printing ink should be no problem. Of course, the printing ink for products aimed at children under 3 years old should be even more strict. In this case, we will have to use edible ink, which means it can be even eaten by the kids. This is because the kids under 3 years old may eat the pages. The normal EU norm for childen under 3 years old is EN71. We have good ink suppliers which can supply edible ink for EN71. And the third-party testing lab, namely SGS in Shanghai is also avaible to provide EN71 certificate for such paper products)