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Shanghai Printing and Distribution

Shanghai Print

When you want a Shanghai Printing Company or Factory to produce your designed brochures, catalogs, books, flyers, paper boxes, paper bags, board games, presentation folders, ring binders, you may also want to get them distributed to one or more locations in China or even bulk mailing to thousands of locations.

Yes, we can provide such services. With the cooperation of our capable forwarders/courier companies/post offices, we only not print all the above mentioned books, catalogs, brochures, paper boxes, paper bags, we can also distribute them.

You need this kind of service mainly because your clients/parnters/agents are already located in Shanghai or other parts of China. And you do not print locally and then send to different locations in China. By working with us, you save the printing costs (compared to your high local printing costs), you save the courier costs to China, you save transportation time to China since we print in Shanghai. The only concern of you mainly lies in service and quality.

In terms of quality and customs sevice, longpack is second to none. You can expect similiar or even higher customs services when you first contact us. And we can also provide you with white book proofs, or digital proofs or even offset proofs before mass production so that you can be 100% sure you are getting the quality you need.

With our printing and distribution services, you can easily get your catalogs, brochures, etc. printed and distributed to the exhibitions you are going to atttend in Shanghai or other cities in China, or you can get them to your agents or partners in China.

All we need is your print-ready pdf files for printing and your distribution list for dispatch. If you have problems with artwork design, we can help you. We have in-house graph designer who can assist you with some basic designing, or you can get your own design in touch with our designer to get your printing file up to your standard.

Yes, please contact us today to see what solution we can provide you in terms of printing/packaing and distribution in China. We are the leading Shanghai Printing Company.