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Ring binder production

What Exactly Is A Ring Binder?

Ring binder is a type of file that has a hard cardboard cover on both sides to serve as a top-cover. The cover and the pages inside the ring binder are held together by a series of rings. Ring binder production is carried on by the companies associated with book printing. A separate factory may not be set up for printing of ring binders only. In U.S and other western countries ring binder is essentially a type of file.

Ring Binder Files As An Element Of Fashion:

Nothing today is bereft of fashion. Whatever you carry, be it your bag or your accessories, your laptop or even your ring binder they should be in sync with your overall appearance. Ring binders are used to get a place earlier only inside offices, but nowadays they are a part of the retro fashion element. Hence a variety of ring binders are being made a part of book printing houses also. Starting from the conventional cardboard covers to leather and even hand made paper covers have become quite popular with the young generation now.

Personalized Ring Binders:

Book printing houses are taking an active interest in creating interesting covers for the different kinds of ring binders that are in demand today. You can have personalized ring binder files printed from the book printing companies with your company logo on it or some special pictures and messages on it. You can also opt for colorful binder covers that are re-usable and replaceable. You can change it according to your dress color or maybe the occasion to which you are carrying it. If it is a formal office meeting then you better stick to neutrals like black or brown, while if it is a casual out of office meet with some client then you opt for more lighter shades of blue or yellow.

Ring Binding Techniques:

The pages are punched into two holes by a paper punching machine and then they are slid into the spiral clamps or the rings to have them filed in one place. The spiral binding files need to be maintained a little. Once you get them from the book printing outlets you need to keep the metal clamps away from water, so that they are not infected by rust. If the outside cover is made of leather then it has to be polished from time to time to maintain its glaze. If the outside cover is made of hand made paper then care has to be taken to keep it away from water and oily substances; as it will be difficult to remove the stain from over it.

If you are planning an office conference or a meeting then this time go for an order of ring binder files in bulk. This change will be better than the usual leaflets used at such gatherings. You can source these ring binder files from the various book printing outlets. If purchased in bulk you will also be able to get some discounts on the whole order.

Presentation Folders|Presentatation Binders|Ring Binders Printing from China

An old and satisfied client from Australia (who we have delivered presentation folders/presentation binders/ring binders before) recently introduced another client to us.

This new client asked for a quote for the following specifications. We hope we can work with this new client.

Presentation Folders/Presentation Binders/Ring Binders

Size: 251mm x 310mm 45mm Spine (Portrait)

Stock: 150gsm Gloss art paper 5 colour 1 side only + gloss lamination 1 side

Inside attached sheet: 150gsm gloss art paper 1pms 1 side only + gloss lamination 1 side
Extra: 25mm D Rings x 4
Size: 210mm x 297mm
Stock: 36 leaves 200gsm gloss art card 5 colour both sides (4 process colour + 1 pms) + gloss sealer
Finishing: Drill holes x 4
Size: 223mm x 297mm
Stock: 6 leaves dividers + 1 leaf cover (210 x 297mm)
350gsm gloss art card 5 colours both sides + gloss lamination both sides
Finishing: Drill holes x 4
Binding: Trimmed to size, collated and shrink wrapping