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Passport Printing China

Passport Printing is of course limited to a few authorized printers. No doubt about that.

But have you noticed there are now many “passports” on the market for various purposes. One of the purposes is for children or kinds who need their own passports to enter maybe fun park or amusement park, etc. Many people wonder how to make their own passport.

In Shanghai Expo, people were interested in collecting different country stamps on their Shanghai Expo passports from country pavillions.

LongPack is an experienced passport printer or manufacturer of  making and production of various kinds of “passports” for the above mentioned purposes. Normally, at first, we can make a white sample using the dimentions of your custom designed passports even when your artwork is not finished. And different finishes are also avaible like UV, etc.

Please try to contact us today if you are interested in having your passport production handled by Longpack.