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Machineries for producing paper products

There is a huge demand for paper boxes and paper gift bags. The packing industry has a huge requirement for these paper boxes made from paper, cardboard, corrugated paper, and laminated paper. The value of the gift is enhanced by the looks of the paper gift bags used to carry the gifts.

For these paper bags to be produced in huge numbers various kinds of machines are available. The paper bag making machine is designed to make in huge numbers of flat and satchel paper bags of different sizes from craft paper, greaseproof, and poster paper. The operation of the machines is very simple and fast. Not much training is required to use these machines. The machines can come with different size plates and different size gears to make paper gift bags of various sizes. There is a calculation to calculate the width of the paper reel to be fed on the machine which is fairly simple. The required size of the bag is arranged on the machine by choosing the right size plate for the flat or satchel bags and the length of the bag required by changing the gear wheel size. Sometimes a printing attachment is attached to this paper bags making machine for creating lovely prints on the paper bags.

The boxes might require laminated paper. Laminator machines are being used to produce laminated paper fast. The laminator is very flexible and mounts the top litho sheets to single face. The laminator comes with quick set up feature. The laminator has automated the process and made the paper box making procedure very convenient and quick. Laminators are used for lamination of corrugated cardboard to paper board and paper board to paper board. Laminators have the feature of automatic feeding of bottom sheet and normal front feeding of top sheet. Controlling the lamination precision is possible due to the flexible front gauge positioning. Labels can be printed using the labeling laminator. Normally it is found that laminators are easy to use and they have great ability to control adhesive, and help the mass production of paper box.

Die cutting machines are also being used for mass production of paper boxes as they are capable of producing the paper box that has been designed on the die cutter. Some manufacturers are using die cutting machines for creasing and punching card board and corrugated paper sheet. These die cutters used in paper box manufacturing are helping to speed up the process. More number of boxes can be produced and very quickly. Adequate precautions are taken to prevent the die cutters of deviating from original designs when under pressure. The paper box manufacturers can use box stitching machines to accurately and neatly stitch the paper boxes. This might be required for the boxes that are going to carry some weight. Stitching can be a design element for the gift boxes.

The paper box manufacturers are also using the “paper box angle pasting machine”. The machine is a single arm pressing device. It has a temperature controller with digital display to make boxes under controlled temperatures and for the benefit of the machine. The machine has the feature of adjusting the vertical and deep angles of the box corners and this can be done randomly. The feature of turning over the box by hand might be there and this can be used for boxes of various designs. The feature to paste the corners of the paper box with hot melt adhesive tape helps complete the box.

This article has covered some machines used to produce paper bags and paper boxes!

Paper Gift Bags: The New Trend

Paper Gift Bags: The New Trend

Paper gift bags act as an effective mode of increasing awareness among people regarding our environment and as a way to stop using plastic bags as gift wrappings. Plastic bags are easy to produce in bulk and also get sold at a lower price however citizens of today should be aware of the ill-effects of plastic on our environment and atmosphere. Hence although a little expensive alternative paper gift bags should be openly welcomed as a substitute for wrapping gift items or to carry stuff like stationery or grocery etc.

How to Make Paper Gift Bags?

Paper gift bags are seldom manufactured by machines. Although nowadays its demand has made it so popular that there are paper gift bag factories all over China. The young generation is particularly lured by the rustic looking hand made paper gift bags. These bags can be made out of newspapers as well semi processed paper or hand made coarse paper. These bags are easy to make. The paper is simply folded in the shape of a bag, then the loose ends are pasted with gum and small jute strings are attached to it to help you carry stuff in it.

Paper Gift Bags Make A Fashion Statement:

Carrying your gift in paper gift bag is a sure way to show that you are eco-friendly and care about your environment. That in itself is a fashion statement. If at least 10 of your friends agree to follow your example then the world will be a little less polluted with plastic bags. Even before you know it you would have contributed a considerable extent for the betterment of environment of this world. NGOs all over the world are trying to do best their best in spreading awareness to use less of plastic bags. By using paper gift bags we can do our little bit to help save Mother Earth.

Different Types and Sizes of Paper bags:

There are a number of manufacturing units that supply paper gift bags in bulk. They are usually of almost the same design but come in a variety of shapes and sizes. However if you are looking for something exclusive then you better pick up something from a hand made paper gift bag outlet. You can even have them personalized as per your choice. You can have your name, company logo or a personalized message written on it especially for the person to whom you want to gift it. A unique paper gift bag will add to your actual gift giving reasons to the person to preserve it as a part of the gift.

Make Your Own Paper Gift Bag:

As a matter of fact you can make your own paper gift bag by using interesting pictures and paper cut outs as well as quotes and colors to spice up the whole thing. Simple things like a piece of ribbon or old greeting cards as well as thrown away buttons or pieces of wool can be stuck together creatively to create a piece of paper gift bag. Instead of sticking the different parts together with glue you can also sew them together in large loops to give a casual look. So are convinced by now to be eco-friendly? Then Go green today and grab your piece of paper gift bag!!

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