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China Packaging: The Bedrock to Modern Packaging

Do you know China packaging industry is one of the best in the world? Do you know that outsourcing your packaging needs in China will benefit your business a lot?

There are many secrets to success in business but there are some that you as a business man or woman cannot do without. For instance; a manufacturer must do all he or she can to impress the customers with the quality of his or her products. But do you think the quality of your products alone can earn you the maximum patronage you desire? How do new buyers get to trust your products? It is a good packaging of course.

China as an industrialised country succeeds today due to the fact that they package their products befittingly. This makes their products stand out in the market regardless of their quality. China packaging industry makes use of different kinds of packaging materials and styles to an extent that buyers get to like the package even before knowing what is inside. Some of the China packaging methods include:-

· Carton packaging- This is the most common China packaging style used by the Chinese due to the kind of products they mainly produce (electronics). This kind of packaging they use for electronics such as televisions, radios, DVDs, VCDs, computers etcetera. They also use them for the packaging of drugs (syrups and tablets) and sometimes some snacks such as biscuits .This method is very much affordable, less demanding and durable but have one major disadvantage which it its non-water resistance.

· Plastic packaging- This is another kind of packaging used by the Chinese manufacturing companies. It is mainly used for the packaging of items such as cosmetics, beverages, chemicals and as well certain drugs. It is among the safest methods though it is very expensive to afford but do not seem to be as attractive as cartons.

· Wood packaging- Wood packaging is mainly used in China for the packaging of different kinds of heavy electronics such as refrigerators and deep freezers. They are also used for the packaging of locomotive engines which tend to be extremely heavy.

· Nylon packaging- This method is common worldwide. It is used in China in packaging snacks. It is also suitable for packaging clothes such as underwear. It is by no doubt the cheapest method.

· Tin packaging- This is another exorbitant China packaging method but use by the Chinese in packaging food items. It is mostly suitable for items in liquid form such as some drinks, chemical and drugs. It is very durable but loses its attractiveness to rusting after a long time.

Glass packaging- This is a type of China packaging done with glass. Some products need to be properly viewed by buyers before they can accept and pay for them. Therefore in China such products are packaged in glass for transparency. Such products includes; jewelleries and some handy electronics.