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Magazine Printing

I am looking for a quote to print a new very high end quarterly magazine.
Could you please quote me for
Size: 200mm high x 184mm wide (again can be flexible here but not too far from this)
pp 100-124 (can be flexible so cheapest option)


Full colour
Cover: Hardback, single colour fabric with a silver embossed title and title on spine
Print run: please quote for 1000, 3000 and 5000 copies

Magazine Printing Production

Organizations can outsource their magazine printing production to a company who is providing magazine printing solutions. The magazine can be obtained in different formats e.g. PDF file from the customer. Alternatively the customer can give the contents of the magazine on any device or media and the magazine printing company can prepare the PDF for the magazine. These days for magazine production, the common processes are Heat set web offset, sheet fed offset, and Roto Gravure.

Graphics and multi part displays have to be printed on the paper before the folding process starts. All kinds of magazines can be produced. Large format magazines, health food magazines, cultural magazines, US format magazines, European format magazines, entertainment magazines, and technical magazines are few of the types of magazines that might be required by the customers.

Most magazines printing production companies will encourage document file transfers using FTP. Modern technologies would be used and these make the magazine printing convenient, quick to use, and less expensive. Reliability of the content transferred is also available. In the prepress process a sample of the magazine will be digitally printed and then verified from the customer. Then offset printing or digital printing is chosen during the magazine printing process. For numbers greater than 1000, offset printing is cost effective. If the number of magazines produced is less than 1000 then it is cost effective to print them digitally. The web offset printing process for printing the magazines is quite effective and is being used for the production of magazines.

The magazine printing production unit should work with vendors who follow sound environment practices. Many magazines are printed using recycled paper and this is useful initiative for the world. Paper manufactured without the use of chlorine is also very useful for the magazine production. The use of vegetable based inks should be encouraged for the printing process.

Printers will not print till the edge of the page. If the picture on the computer is such designed that it goes beyond the page by quarter of an inch, then the printer will print till the edge of the page. This is called full bleed printing and here the image extends to the edge of the page as required on various pages of the magazine. The software used to design the image that contains both text and image will allow designing using bleeds and this will lead to the magazine having an enhanced look.

For making the file containing the content and graphics of the magazine certain points are to be kept in mind. Use PostScript fonts. Send the screen and printer fonts with the job for page layouts and graphics to the printing press organization. Define all colors properly and consistently. All unused colors should be deleted. All unnecessary pages should be deleted. The document page size should be built to final page trim. Allow space in the margin for drill or punch as will be required. On the pages it is best to avoid using tiny type and tiny graphics elements. The type should be aligned using tabs and the space bar should not be used. Use at least 10 point type and delete any unused sheets.

Magazine production is a lucrative business!