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Envelopes Printing – Speed up Payment of Those Invoices!

Envelope printing is a necessity for most businesses. This is especially so for those send out a lot of billing. Inserting a pre-addressed envelope in with the invoice has been proven time and again to increase your company’s chance of getting paid much faster. In these days when increasing cash flow is even more important, we begin to realize that envelope printing is a necessary business expense.

Despite the fact that envelope printing might be a necessary business expense, it doesn’t mean we have to break the bank when getting the job done. Many companies are beginning to source their printing projects to China for completion because of the savings realized on their printing projects.

LongPack Printing has the capability of printing not only envelopes, but a variety of things such as magazines, paper bags and even specialized commercial packaging. The best thing about having the printing done in China is of course the aforementioned savings. Factor in the cost of printing, and then to ship the finished product to you and you still realize a significant savings. The money that you save can then be applied to your other printing projects, or you can move it to another line item such as your marketing materials.