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Educational Game Production from China

LongPack manufacture educational games for the game industry which have outlets in USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

These educational paper cards, paper box or paper games can improve greatly the kids’ social and emotional skills. Others deal with thinking and memory, speaking and listening, letters and sounds, phonics, literacy and language, numeracy, etc.

Kids like to play these flipbooks, buzzles and classroom kits. From playing, the kids can improve themselves.

Some educational game specifications we are working now are as below:

Specification: Phonics Board Games 
4 x Game Board
Size: 295mm x 425mm x 6 different boards
Material: 2 layers of 450gsm greyback
Printing: 4c x 1c (PMS2745C, dark blue) + machine varnishing on both sides
Finishing: Die cut to size with 4 rounded corners (10mm diameter) and hole punched for spinner where appropriate
Box with lid
Size: 307mm x 438mm x 35mm
Material: 128gsm glossy art over 1.5mm board
Printing: 4c x 0c + machine varnishing on both top and bottom
Finishing: Die cut and formed as box with lid
4 x  plastic spinners – 3″ long in black color
24 x 4mm square EVA Counters ‐ 30mm x 30mm  (6 counters each of 4 different colors: Red, Orange, Blue, Green) 
Package: Inserting 1 dice, 2 spinners and 20 plastic counters into a clear polybag
Assembly: Each box set to be individual shrink-wrapped. Packed 6 sets per carton.