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Daily Planner

Daily Planner or Day Planer is very popular amongst Middle School, High School, College or University students. Of course, office workers also like using them to increase your working efficiency.

With daily planners or day planners, you can better organize your study or work. In China, there are more and more people began to use these planners, while before we see only foreigners in USA, Europe or Australia using them.

Although you can use digital daily planer on your laptop or PC or even Iphone or Ipad, it is still quite handy to just use the old fasioned daily planer.

LongPack is a specialist in this area. We are working with daily planner designers and distributors abroad to make their custom designed planners made from our production facilities in Shanghai, China.

The cover can be paper stock or fake leather. And content is normally over 100 pages and the bindery can be coil binding.

We can handle day planner manufacturing from 1,000 per run up to 100,000 per run depending on your specific needs.

Please try to contact us today to see what we can do to make your own custom designed day planners produced by us.