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Book Printing Process

There is more to book printing than simply typing up some text, designing a cover and then printing it. Did you know that there is an entire process that is involved in the creation of the finished product that comes out the door and is delivered to you? Let’s take a quick look at the manufacturing process.

We start with the book going to the printer. The files, in this case, the manuscript typed on your word processor are sent to the printer who uploads them to their computer systems and lays them out properly. Assuming all is well, the plates are made for the presses. Assuming then, that a web press was used to print the various parts of the book, we’ll say that these parts, called a signature are already folder and ready to go for further processing.

Now, the final format of the book dictates which department these signatures go to in the book printing process. If they are going to be saddle stitched, (staples in the spine) then they will go to one department, however if they are perfect bound they go to another which is called perfect binding. Both processes are distinctly different and the way the book printing is done depends entirely on how the final product is finished.