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Book printing & production – a layman’s guide

Book printing and production is a very common activity these days as numerous books are written, bought, read, and distributed. Starting from curriculum books, to books on management, fiction, and general knowledge to name a few several categories of books need to be produced and printed. Manufacturers might make trade and reference books, which include monochrome and multicolor books, coffee table and art books, and children books. Another type of books is the thin Paper products, which include religious literature, dictionaries, and directories.

An organization might go in to get a number of books printed. They have to find out about the different companies that are able to offer this book printing solution. Choose a company that has some strength to display. The press should have the capability to handle multiple customers as this means they are more reliable. The hardware and software that the press is using should be modern and upgraded to latest ones. The new technologies in printing should be used in the press to print the books. The press should be a 24 hour service. Some manufacturers have weekly meeting for continuous improvement of processes and this is appreciable when you are choosing someone to print thousands of books to distribute.


This is the process before the book printing is done in mass. High end scanners are used to obtain color accurateness and exactness. The workstations are provided with high end systems that help retouching, color correction, and manipulation with high level of accuracy. The machines have huge amounts of RAM and hard disk space which is useful for the book printing. Copy dot scanners are used to produce digital equivalent of the book. Electronic imposition can be used too impose digital files through software as per the planned work and produce single flat as output. This leads to accuracy, fast work, and customers’ satisfaction is ensured. The computer to plate capacity should be good. Digital proofing printers are capable of printing as per the printing standard required. The book manufacturer should use good color management systems for maintaining color consistency and standards. Some book printing jobs might go through “Renderview remote proofing”. Customers are able to approve proofs from remote locations. Some presses have flatbed machines that can be used for wet proofing.


Web presses, Sheetfed presses, and Perfectors are used in the printing of books. “Sheetfed presses” are of different sizes. Here the printing is on different sheets of paper individually fed into the machine. The Sheetfed press might comprise of multiple print units and each prints a different color of ink. “Web presses” are economic when you have a huge number of book printing to be done. The printing is on large rolls of paper rather than on individual sheets of paper. The “Perfectors” are flatbed presses where the printing is done on either sides of the sheet in a single operation and this is useful. Web presses are fastest, then the sheet presses, and the Perfectors are the slowest among the presses.

Post Press

Cutting, folding, collating, and sewing are all activities that are done in the post press phase of the book printing. UV varnish, spot varnish, aqueous varnish, film lamination, hot foil stamping, embossing, creasing, die cutting, and index cutting are some finishing services of the book printing solution. Some other finishing services are gliding, folding, sewing; saddle stitching, tipping and gathering, wire-o binding, spico binding, spiral binding, micro perforation, and silk screen printing.

Hardbound Book Printing

Hardbound book printing is one of our best areas. The hardbound cover cloth (like a text book or novel), leather (like a journal) or printed and laminated (like a photo or art book). These hardbound books have end sheets that help adhere the text pages to the inside of the cover.