Shanghai Printing Company

Being a Shanghai printing company means you will have to deal with almost highest laobr cost in China. According to the lastest statistics, the labor cost in Shanghai is amongst top 3 in China.

There are more than 24 million people in Shanghai. And many of them come to Shanghai from their home cities looking for better paid jobs in Shanghai. For example, in our factory, many workfloor workers come outside of Shanghai. Luckily, most of them feel Shanghai is their home after working many years with our printing factory. Some are printing machine operators, some are paper cutters, some are doing paper binding jobs, and some work in the office for the printing files, or other related areas.

Although coming from different places, we are a big family taking care of each other. Now we have some new employees who had bachelor or even masters degrees in the printing related majors. This is helping us to improve technically in the printing business. With our efficiency rates improved, we can do more printing jobs or better printing jobs within a limited time compared to before. This improvement is saving us money and giving us room to pay more to our dear employees. Our management team have also been improved. With English-speaking printing professionals joins our management, longpack started to export to the whole World from the year of 2007. Now we have more than 100 happy clients in US, Europe, Australia, etc. totalling about 40 different countries. This is a big improvement in terms of the diversity of our clients. This is because different clients from different countries have quite different demands and neends. By working closely with them, we have more and more information of other printing areas from the other parts of the world. With these more than 100 clients, we became very comfortable and confident now in providing satisfactory printing and packaging solutions to our clients. Many of our clients come from the areas like graphic design. Although we have in-house graphic designers, but compared to their high standards of design, our designers have much to learn. For some smaller companies, our in-house graphic designers can meet the basic needs of their designing requirements. And we are looking forward to working with more and more designers wordwide to fullfill their designs into production.

All in all, although the cost in Shanghai is high for a printing factory, if we can improve our efficiency and managment, we still have chances to complete nationwide and worldwide.