Shanghai Printing

There are more and more Shanghai foreign companies come to longpack when they want to find a reliable Shanghai printing factory. We have experienced a large number of local foreign-owned companies. Most of the inquries are conducted via telephone in English. Some even came to our factory for inspection. We have a printing factory and a binding factory in the North part of Shanghai, which is called Zabei district. And we have recently opened another printing factory (with a small binding workshop) in South Shanghai, Minghang district in order to better service the clients from South Shanghai. But for exportation, we mainly use the productions facilities in our north Shanghai area. Our export staff is always ready by the phone to answer various questions or concerns of your printing job.

Compared to foreign clients from foreign countries, local Shanghai foreign clients can easily come to our factories to have a talk about the possible cooperation, or they can come direclty to examine the proofing process or mass production process. This can be a plus for better communication.

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy Shanghai printer, please talk with us at 021 5169 6158 or eamil to We are ready here to help you. We will also be able to give you good advises from a production point of view. Try to contact us todaty for talk!