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Being a Shanghai printer means more costs. There is no doubt that Shanghai is more expansive than many other cities in China in terms of labor costs and running costs. We have seen quite a few Shanghai printers moved to surrounding smaller cities in order to reduce the costs.

But compared to other international big cities, Shanghai is still low costs. Besides, we can more easiliy find skilled workers and business environment is much better than most cities in China. These advantages can make us produce higher qualty printing jobs in a more efficient way.

We believe if a client already saved 40% by working with us, he or she will not want to save 5% more to work with a not-so-professional printer maybe from a smaller and lower costed city. This may explain why many Shanghai printers expor business can still survive and still be competitive.

And we also believe the best way of keeping a client is to offer the best possible services, the best possilbe quality and stil keep the prices at a low level.