Rigid cartons – the new face of technology

We handle or use rigid cartons nearly every day of our lives.  They are sometimes known as set-up boxes in other places because of the shapes and designs.  These high-end package products are reused on many occasions.  They are quite attractive and can be used to keep products inside for as long as is required.  Research tells us that these products were in use in the early 19th century and went into oblivion.  They later resurfaced with a bung during the 20th century when along of delicate digital products needed to be stored and or transported from one end to the other.

Rigid cartons make very good high end luxury end package and find their way into some of the worlds’ top shops where gifts are sold.  The gifts can be made into many shapes because of their nature they are easily folded making them a preferred choice amongst many manufacturers and companies.  Many manufacturers amongst other things go ahead and hand-craft these products in tune with their customers’ demands.  No shape or design is too complicated for many of the world’s manufacture are who understand the value and quality these boxes come within the market.

There is no size or shape that is impossible to craft any kind of rigid cartons.  The advent of technology has also widened the scope in the number of shapes and designs a customer can choose from.  There are great benefits that users of these products rarely tell you including:-

  • They are light and take very little storage space as they normally come flat and assembled when required for use.
  • Are quite affordable.  Their value only increases when extra glossing or hot stamping is required.
  • Can be finished into different textures.  They can be given a very unique and exclusive finishes e.g. jewelry boxes.

Rigid cartons have been preferred by customers because it is the only product in the market that allows them to state who they are.  This is because they can be printed into a company’s theme color, have the logo printed and used for advertisement at the same time.  Studies have shown that customers normally are attracted to colorful and better designed products when they walk to a store.  This is not far from truth and if you find it a little confusing, just walk into a store and find that you will be attracted to those colored and beautifully crafted rigid cartons.