Printing in China

If you are looking to get a specialty print job done and have time to source a company that meets your needs, consider printing in China. With a little research and persistence, you could find a great company that specializes in your specific area of need that is able to provide you with an end product that exceeds your expectation at a cost savings to you.

The first consideration when considering printing in China is to look closely at your own timeframe of need. If you need a job printed in 24 hours, chances are good that printing in China will not be the most cost effective option. If you have a product that needs to be edited, formatted, and printed and have a due date that is reasonable, a China printing company could provide excellent quality products often at a fraction of what you would pay a local printer.

The idea of sending printing jobs to China is counterintuitive to many; the country is best known for inexpensive mass manufacturing capabilities, not as a service providing country. But keep in mind that China is the country that invented the precursors to modern printing and really has access to the best technology at the most competitive rates. With global shipping being fast and inexpensive, printing in China is possible and companies can easily compete with your corner print shop.

Some of the best applications when considering printing in China includes printing books, brochures, posters, business cards, fliers, folders, bags, promotional materials and much more. Book printers seem to be the largest group in the country, but vendors often will offer a wide range of printing options and services. Some printing companies offer editing and layout services for publications like books. Professional book printing companies and factories often offer an associated service like packaging services for your products at very little cost. Often, for very little money you can engage a company that will print your product and neatly package it so it’s ready to be distributed once it arrives at your door.

Printing in China is no longer the exception in the US, but it’s becoming more the norm. As companies and people work to keep costs down and quality up, more and more people are turning to China to provide this valuable service. Research companies, find reviews and talk to others who have used companies in China to find a solution that works for you.