Printing China’s Logo on top of Board Games, a feeling of Patriotism

Printing china- these are the words which have played an important role in changing the history of the world. Archeologists have found some evidences in china which proves that printing was being practiced in china before 200 A.D. in Han Dynasty the silk was used for printing purpose and the petals of different flowers were used as ink. Block printing method started in china in the mid of seventeenth century.

The printing press which we see today did not have the same functions which were used in block printing but still the core function was taken from the block printing process. The inventor of modern printing press technique was a German Goldsmith but without the inventions of Chinese it wasn’t possible for him to invent this printing press technique because Chinese are also the inventors of paper and printing ink. Chinese are not only the pioneers in paper printing but they also started boar printing as well.

There are number of board game manufacturers in china and they produce quality games. Printing of board is not an easy process and printing of pictures and designs on board is even more difficult task.  China has done it successfully. Now board games are available all over the world and people who do not have any place for games are enjoying it greatly. Board games are good source of time pass and are not at all expensive.

Board game manufacturing industry of china started to gain popularity during world war. During this war the children were not allowed to get out of their homes and they had to remain in homes for number of weeks. These children had nothing to do in home due to which the frustration and depression among children as well in parents was increasing. To divert their attention board games were introduced by some people and they were called board games producers.

Go has always remained the most popular board game of china and in those days it was introduced once again by making some modifications. Before this version, it was played with stones but in this game playing peaces was used and they were named as stones. Board games are hard to produce as it requires very fine quality of printing. Usually, the boards used in board games are in folded position and on folded things the printing usually gets invisible due to frequent use. To protect the game from this problem, fine quality printing was used.

Soduku is also a very famous and ancient Chinese board game and is also used frequently now days. This game is a numerical game and also a single person game. It sharps the mind of a person as it is a mathematical puzzle. Printing has also numerous different purposes and every one use them for their own purposes. Printing on board is also done so that titles of book can be made and this cover page helps in protecting the book as well. Printing china logo on the top of these books is the sign of relationship between china and printing.