Printing China for Growing Global Need

Summary: China is serving to the world’s printing necessity. Chinese printing houses are literally pioneering the global market. Superb technology paired with preeminent packaging has made it possible.


The history of printing started its journey in ancient China. Modern printing press made its appearance through a German goldsmith. But had not the paper and ink been invented by China, the German footprint would not have fall. Printing in China has started long before Christ’s birth. It’s an amazing story altogether. Even before the invention of printing press, printing Chinese characters were a convention in the oriental country. As per latest research in this field, a popular form of printing in the-then China was block printing.

Today’s printing China is a different fairytale altogether. With the advancement of technology, Chinese printing has earned accolades throughout the globe. But if we go deep into the success story, we would probably land up on these following reasons:

Best Packaging

Printing in China has now become a major trade in China. As a result, utmost professionalism has been infused with the dedicated workforce and superb technology that the country offers. The comprehensive printing of China based companies attracts more and more offshore clients. The clientele has its reach to Australia, Netherlands, Germany and South Africa. China paper boxes come in a wide range. These are cardboard box, cake box, chocolate box, board game box etc. Several new products have been ointroduced with the newer technology based printing in China.

Advanced Quality Management

Printing China does not compromise with the quality in any case. There are several reputed printing firms in the country and the quality of printed output is much better than the customary printing solutions. Moreover, before the final production stage, all the manufactured goods are scrutinized and cross-checked over and over again for the best output. The best products are available at the cheapest rates.

Printing from China helps the offshore clients for these reasons as well:

All the artworks are compatible with any format that you want. The pre-press competence is really high-tech and the teams that handle the work are well-equipped with the latest printing devices and technology. Zip, Jaz, CD, DVD and all other formats are accepted and all the graphics software (e.g. Quarkexpress, Pagemaker) are used by these companies. But the most preferred formats of printing companies of China are PDF and Adobe InDesign.

Premium quality color management system of the printing houses in China is also a reason for the achievement. PMS color management is egged on as it is extremely good for spot color. Printing in China mainland also encourages the client to use a professional scanner so that the printing resolution can be changed according to the requirement.

To print in the China way, you need to follow the following steps. First, you zip all your artworks into separate volumes and put them one by one while composing a mail. Then, the artworks are to be uploaded onto a FTP address.

Printing China has evolved a lot over the past few decades and at this age of speed, the printed outputs are more user-friendly and sophisticated. A new horizon can clearly be envisaged in the world of printing in China.