Paper Box China Printing and Making Services

Longpack is an expert in producing all kinds of paper boxes. As you may properly already know, paper box production involves relatively more labor than other printing job. This is where you can save lots of money by having it produced in China. Please try to click on the images below to know more about each specific paper box. If you can not find the paper box here, please feel free to send your design to us. We can almost produce any kind of custom-designed paper box.








cardboard-box-1-150x150 chocolate-box-01-150x150 corrugated-box-1a-150x150 cosmetic-box-1-150x150
Cardboard Box Chocolate Box Corrugated Box Cosmetic Box
gift-box-1-150x150 wine-box-1-150x150 christmas-box-150x150 light-industrial-box-1-150x150
Gift Box Wine Box Christmas Box Light Industrial Box
board-game-box1-150x150 pillow-box-1-150x150 shirt-box-1-150x150 square-shape-box-001-150x150
Board Game Box Pillow Box Shirt Box Square Shape Box
star round irregular-shape
Star Shape Box Round Shape Box Irregular Shape Box