Paper Box with lid

I am after packaging appropriate to pack rings, ear rings, bracelets and necklaces.

I require a quote for the following:

– QTY 500 or 1000

– Design: Paper box with lid

– Stock: A matt finish, does not have to be so thick or heavy as the box will be bubble wrapped when I post it

– Colour: An off white paper used to make the box

– Size: I want only one size suitable to fit either a ring, ear ring, bracelet and/or necklace

– Printing: I have attached a copy of my logo which I would like to know how much it will cost to;

-Embossed logo on the lid for 500 or 1000

-Printed logo in Black ink on the lid for 500 or 1000

-Printed in a black metallic finish or black foil on the lid for 500 or 1000

My questions are below:

– Do you offer a box design that is foldable and once it arrive I can easily assemble it myself? This will be cheaper to post.

– Is there any chance of posting some samples of foldable boxes so I can see the type of paper you use and how easy it will be assemble them when they arrive?