Magazine Printing

Magazine Printing in China
Magazine printing costs have come down over the years as technology advanced. Technology has been directly responsible for lowering costs on lots of things in fact and due to the nature of the way files are handled in the printing process these days, you can quite literally get your magazine printing done in China, and even when adding shipping charges to the final tally, still save money on the project overall.
In the past magazine printing was done on offset presses, just as they are now. The difference then, is the fact that once upon a time, special printing plates had to be made for the presses using a variety of products to get the plates done properly such as the need for film, developing chemicals, etc. That process also involved human intervention to get “dust” spots off the film or you would have stray markings in the final product.
This is all done digitally now, and while the plate-making process is still a requirement, the need for film and the necessary chemicals to develop that film have been eliminating as we travel along in the digital age. This also means that magazine printing proofs can be checked online and approved without having to wait for a courier to make delivery!
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