Magazine Printing to Nigeria

The Directors of our company have approved the establishment of a consumer magazine and we would love to use your facility. Please kindly supply us with the quote for the printing (including binding) as follows.

The size: 180mm X 220mm maximum (18cm X 22cm).

Number of pages: approximately 250 pages or more.

Number of runs: twice a year.

Binding: Perfect binding.

Please you quote as follows: 1. All gloss paper, full colour. 2. All gloss paper but full colour only for the advert / feature pages (approximately 200 pages involved) and the 50 pages black / white. 3. 200 pages gloss paper and full colour, remaining 50 pages black/white printing on leathery OR bond paper. 4. Full colour, all leathery (skin) paper e.g. the type used in the Times Magazine / House & Home. 5. All bond paper, full colour 6. All bond paper, 200 pages coloured and 50 pages black / white.

Please provide quotes for 450,000 copies, 500,000 copies, 750,000 copies and 1m copies. We are looking forward to doing business with you soonest.

The printing would be either carried out in Nigeria or delivered to our Nigerian office.