Litho laminated cartons – a breath of fresh air

Litho laminated cartons is not just any of the ordinary cartons you seen in the market each single day.  They are another of the high-end package products that many factories and packers use when they have packages that require maximum strength.  They are an important mode of packaging as they undergo different kinds of methods before being finally being released in the market.   In simple terms the paperboard or cartons as it is normally referred normally undergoes lamination in different stages namely B, E, F or N before the final process.  The process is meant to add them more strength and durability compared to the ordinary carton boxes.

The Litho laminated cartons also undergo another special process during graphics or artwork.  Most of the artwork is not done directly on the cartons as in the normal cases.  The artwork is normally done on a SBS surface or board.  Once this has been done then the whole thing is laminated into the carton to give it a face lift.  These are products that receive reinforcement from both ends and still remain the shipper’s favorite the world over because of their durability and strength.  They are easy and durable to use for shipping items of different weights and strengths.

Most of these Litho laminated cartons are built from scratch by manufacturing companies for customers who have no idea of what they are looking for.  Such services are free and do not cost a penny.  They are meant to carry some of the most delicate products in the market that can easily disintegrate in extreme weather conditions.  Some of the products that undergo such because of their delicate nature include toner and cartridges.   These are products that cost a fortune to make and do not come cheaply in the market.  It is necessary that they are also protected and delivered in the desired condition.

Technology plays a great part when it comes to Litho laminated cartons.  The process undergoes through many stages to be able to come out into such an excellent program.  It included die cutting, lamination, gluing and folding to be able to be presentable into the market.  Many people fail to understand why these products look so fine and neat.  The advent of technology in the 21st century has come with great benefits to many of Litho laminated cartons makers who a few years ago struggle to do so manually.