IPEX 2010

The British International Print Exhibition (IPEX 2010) will be held at Birmingham National Exhibition Center during 18-25 May, 2010. The exhibition is organized by the British IIR Exhibition Company. The fair is held once every four years. And it is one of the largest international print exhibitions.

UK is the a big export country of printing.  The largest export markets are the United States,  followed by the Netherlands, Italy ranked third, fourth largest in Germany. In 2003,  printing, publishing and paper processing and related industries in the total turnover of 45 billion pounds (about 80 billion US  dollars), becoming Britain’s fifth-largest industry. According to the EU Product statistical results,  the British printing industry sales of 12.25 billion pounds (22 billion U.S. dollars), the largest market is the advertising,  followed by books, manuals, brochures and so on.  At present,  in UK, there are about 12,400 printing companies.