How to Manufacture a Board Game

How to Manufacture a Board Game in China

We have received lots of inquiries asking how to manufacture a board game. Prior to this question, you may have asked how to design a board game. Normally, you should hire an experienced design who has some knowledge of the designing of board game. You can work with him or her to find out the best solution. If you do not have a good designer, please talk with us. We have some good recommendations.

Once the design of the board game is more or less finished, then you should forward your design to us to have a look. We can then give you advises based upon our board game production experiences as to how to produce it according to your design. During this process, you may have to change some part of your design, we may also change some ways of our produciton processes. We will make some test samples to see if the best balance of design and production of the board games can be acheived.

After sampling, we can then go to the mass production process, where your own designed board games can be mass produced. The quantities can be from 500pcs, to 5 containers. We can handle both small orders and big orders. Anything unclear, please just ask us.