How to make a Board or Card Game

If you have never made a board game before, maybe you can have a good try by using the experience of one of our clients.

One of our clients in Australia: Go An Ah Play Games, said like this: LongPack, This is the manufacturer of choice for my needs. Joseph Zhou is extremely freindly, careful to get all details correct, responds quickly to emails. The game box’s are hand made to a very high quality. I received a sample (at a cost of $450) of the complete finished product before mass production commences. After I have given approval and paid the 50% first payment, mass production begins. Another sample of the finished product is sent for approval and then 50% final payment is paid. Included: shrink-wrapped boxes, pawns, platform, cards, soft boxes, outer box etc. They do the lot (except the artwork, which you ftp to them). Minimum order 1,000 is a good starting point and there are savings for larger orders.

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