Get the Best Printers or Complete Printing Services in Shanghai, China

Top-quality printing service


LongPack offers a full range of high-quality printing services, specializing in packaging solutions (boxes and bags) and catalog and book production. The leaders in high-quality printing services in Shanghai, China, we export to Australia, Europe, USA, and Africa.


Paper boxes


LongPack’s specialized production facilities allow us to offer the best value and quality in manufacturing all types of boxes to your specifications, including gift, cake, presentation, industrial, corrugated, cosmetic boxes and more.


Paper bags


We can produce custom paper bags for all purposes and in a variety of finishes, including carrying, wine, shopping and gift bags.


Books and catalogs


LongPack produces the full range of books, magazines, brochures, catalogs and stationery. Options include hard and soft covers and all forms of binding; folders, organizers and binders; and a complete range of envelopes, notebooks, postcards and decals.