History of China Printing Industry

While many people think of many iconic contributions to world advancements and culture when they consider China, printing rarely makes that list. Yet China printing innovations were monumental contributions to the country as well as the world.

To give a brief history, the China printing industry was revolutionized during the Tang Dynasty, which was between the years 618 and 907. During that time period, ink and paper were in existence, so the Chinese are not credited with those inventions during that time frame. Rather, the printing process was invented and perfected during that time, which allowed for much more efficient reproduction of written materials. This brought about great cost savings as well as an educational component because of the new ability to further distribute information in a quick, less expensive manner.

Today, China is still an industry leader in the printing arena. In fact, much of today’s calendar printing, photo printing, catalogue printing, business printing, brochure printing, printing fliers, poster printing, book printing, card printing, shopping bag printing and much more is done in China. China printing companies can often offer significantly less expensive services at excellent quality and items shipped quickly.

Because China invented the process of modern printing, the country has stayed on the cusp on current methods and technologies. Understanding the methods and technology has allowed China printing companies to keep printing prices extremely competitive without any loss to quality. Because much of the world has the ability to upload printing projects via the Internet, many print jobs don’t have to occur at the local level any longer, the exception that being the small, fast turnaround jobs that people have done at their local print shop.

People who need to have large projects or large lots of items printed find that the turnaround time and price are most competitive when pricing the job with a company in China. Many of the companies provide a quote that includes shipping and often the turnaround time is less, including shipping, than other companies worldwide. This is for printing jobs in color or in black and white. Small scale projects can also be done at lesser expense through companies in China, but the projects where the greatest costs savings are realized are the large scale projects.

Regardless of the job you need done, be sure to look at all of your printing options, including China printing companies.