Economical Envelope Printing

Envelope printing used to be expensive. It was so expensive in fact, that most small business never used them because it took a sizeable chunk out of their budget that was better used in other areas. That’s no longer the case for several reasons and all of the reasons point back to the technology that we have available to us today.

Printing used to involve many people, and in fact it still does, however, technology has allowed us to use those people in other areas, while at the same time eliminating a couple of processes, and the need for additional materials used in the processes. For example, in all printing, including envelope printing, there has to be plates made for the presses which have the information to be printed on them. These printing plates required the use of film, and chemicals to develop that film. Those have now been eliminated since printing plates in most cases can be created directly from a computer system these days.

There are other things too, but the net result is that envelope printing costs much less these days because of technology. When you couple with a company like LongPack to do you envelope printing for you, the prices get even lower.