China Printing -Two Simple Words with Great History In Past

China printing– these are two separate words; but have a very deep and old relation with each other. China is known all over the world for the different inventions those has been made and these inventions have played a very important role in the world. Although the printing press which we see today was invented by a German but without the inventions of Chinese it was of no use.

Chinese did not only invent paper but they also invented ink without which printing would not have been possible. Printing presses we see today work according to functionalities proposed by Goldsmith’s printing press; but Chinese were in the business of printing even before the invention of that press. Chinese were the first who started block printing and that printing process remained in the world for decades. Block printing was a wonderful idea and it replaced the manual work to some extent.

When a person has to make copies of some text or design, then he has to carve the design or text on a block. This block was then dipped in a pot which used to be full of ink. The inked block was then kept on the desired surface and in this way the design or text was copied on paper, cloth and other materials. This invention was made by Chinese when people were used to do all the work manually. It means that if a person wants to make hundred copies of a book then he has to write all the books by hand. That’s why book printing companies in china are very common.

Printing process invented by china did not only reduce the manual labor but it also helped people of many other walks of life. People living in far off places became able to read the scholarly articles and informative books of many renowned scholars. Due to book printing in china the ownership of one country over education was reduced and wisdom starts reaching people of other boundaries as well. People who use to travel thousands of miles just to take the lectures of one scholar, stop making this effort as all the lectures and words of wisdom are available at their door step.

Printing does not only change the world of knowledge but it also changes the world of fashion as well. The earliest thing on which Chinese started printing was a peace of silk. People of that time felt proud when they wore printed dresses as printed dresses were very expensive and were not in reach of all people. This print was commonly known as china print. Moreover, there are also some traces of fragment printing in the history of china. This process was a very special one and it was only done for special people. First of all, the petals were dried in such a way that their fragrance remains intact. After that these petals were grinded and included in the printing ink. That’s why china printing was so popular among all the other nations.