Children’s Book Printing

Children’s book printing was once an expensive proposition, but no longer. This is especially so if you choose to have the printing done in China. When you combine the total cost of the project along with shipping charges, it can still come to a much lower total cost than having the job done on the local level.

Most children’s book printing jobs will end up with a final product that is perhaps 10 pages give or take a few and they are generally done in color. The problem for most authors then, is by the time they absorb the costs of printing of the books, they may break even or even lose money on the project. That is not necessarily the case however when you contract LongPack Printing in China to do the project for you.

Another consideration with children’s book printing is printing more copies of the book during a print run which will ultimately lower the cost per item. This means more books to sell, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.