Shanghai Printing Factory

Looking for a Shanghai Printing Factory who can print catalogs, brochures, books, flyers, presentation folers, ring binders, paper gift boxes, paper bags, board games,  please have a look at what we can offer.

Longpack is located in Shanghai. We have printing factory and binding factory who can provide a complete solution for all your printing and packaging needs. We have more than 10 years of history, and we have been serving local Shanghai graphic design companies or other end-users for a long time. From 2007, we started to export our printing and packaging solutions to the clients in Europe, USA and Australia. Now we have about 200 satisfactory international clients covering about 40 different countries.

With this large number of international base, we gathered all the nessasary knoweledge as to how to serve the international clients.

There are many foreign companies or mult-national companies in Shanghai. They also need International stardard printing and packaging solutions in terms of service, quality, price, and delivery. Some Shanghai-based foreign companies began to use us in the recent two years. Some were recommended by other foreign headquaters who already used our services and then recommend their Shanghai-based company to try us. Some found us over the exhibtions or internet, and come to our factory for audit.

When asked why they chose us? Some mentioned our great level of service and quality. That is because, as most of you already know, you will always find a cheaper price. But that does not mention you get a better deal. Taking into considering of the time for communication with a disqualified supplier and bad quality, it may even ruin your businesses.

Longpack is always trying to find a good balance between price, quality and service. Good Service and quality can never be compromised, as we know these two factors are vital to your business. Apart from that, we also provide good printing and packaging advises for our client. And these advises are based uopn our experiences over more than 10 years serving thousands of clients and our participation in thousands of projects. The knowledge gains from these projects can also be used for your project. And this is free-of-charge.

So why not choose a printing and packaging supplier, next to your door (located in Shanghai), with all the knowledge of serving international clients?

Should you be interested in this, please try to call us today at 021 5169 6158. You can contact our Sales Manager: Joseph Zhou at And you have book a meeting with us either in our factory or at your company location in Shanghai. We can surely come to your location to disccuss with you what we can offer.