Techniques of Printing in China

It is a very big truth that the act of printing in China has come of age. This technology was invented in the ancient Chinese empire. But the goodness and value that China has offered the world of printing does not end there. We have also witnessed in the 20th century that China have taken a central stage again in the issue of printing. From the movable type printing, to the woodblock type, to the printing press, and many other new technologies, printing in China have always been offering the best in all ramifications.
The highpoint of this maybe is the fact that there are numerous special techniques that may not be found in other places. These techniques are used to give good printing solutions that satisfy the numerous need of the modern day man.
Hole Punching
This is one of the techniques, and in essence, it involves the drilling of holes of a specified size through an already finished and bound catalogue or other printed materials.
This technique that is used for printing in China involves a process of die-stamping, which results in a raised or depressed surface on the substrate in question, and it is called an Emboss or a De-boss respectively. When it comes to embossing, it can be done even when there is no printing to highlight the affected area. Here it is called blind emboss. It can also be done as a complement to an already printed area, that is why you can witness situations where a logo is already printed on the surface before emboss comes.
Here, shapes are cut from the substrate, with the use of custom made die and a stamping machine
Hot foil stamp
In this technique of printing in China, a metallic foil is die-stamped on to a substrate of paper or any other type. When this is done, an imprinted logo, text or any other graphic device is left on the color, and the material of the metallic foil in question.
Here, they make use of simple perforation to achieve great prints that will be very visible and beautiful. There are also situations where small holes are punched into a piece of paper, to make the printed or desired area easier to tear off. The level of ease in removing the perforated area depends on the amount of space between the openings.
Printing in China also involves a technique called scoring, which means creating a crease in a straight line on the substrate. This allows for ease of folding.

The Many Benefits of China Printing Industry

China printing industry nowadays is booming and the growth is noticed not just in China but across the global market. The many economic activities such as production going on in China today is one of the major factors that contributed to the growth of the printing market. Many businesses and manufacturing companies in China in one way or the other require printing. The increase need of printing work such as packaging, product design and others heightens the rate of activities in the China printing market.

As normal with other markets in China, the printing market in China is not serving only the domestic industries. Other industries across the world make use of the services of the printing industries in China. There are a number of benefits that one can obtain from the China printing industry. Some of the benefits are expounded below.


The printing companies in China just like every other company render cheap services to their clients. If you are in need of printing services and printing equipments, you should consider making use of the services of a printing company from China. These Chinese printing companies obtain cheap labour from the local market. And thus, they are able to offer cheap services. In other words, obtaining printing services from China is a good means of cutting cost.

Services that meet your specification

One good thing about the China printing market is that they use the state-of-the-art printing technology in offering their services. This means that you can obtain high quality printing services from them. Besides they can also offer customized printing services tailor-made to meet your business needs.
Varieties of printing services

There are different types of printing services that businesses may need for one reason or the other. Some of the printing works include book printing, production of stationery, product design, paper boxes and carton manufacturing, packaging, promotional items designs and printing and a whole lot of others. China printing market is capable of providing various printing services to their clients. If you are outsourcing your printing need in China, you will be able to obtain any type of printing service that you want.

Given the above benefits, if you have printing needs in your business, you should consider outsourcing from China. You will gain a lot of benefits. However, despite all the benefits mentioned, there are few challenges you may encountered when outsourcing printing services from China. Communication is one major issue. But you can find good outsourcing company that can stand for you in the China printing market.

Printing China – Fact and Accurate.

If you are seeking to have a specialty project completed, be sure to look at options for companies printing China materials. China, the country that invented modern printing, offers a huge variety of companies that can provide printing services on a broad spectrum of products at incredibly competitive prices, often offering free expedited shipping. In short, don’t discount China as a potential vendor when sourcing your next large or small scale print job.

When considering printing, China doesn’t always come to mind as a top contender for your business. In the US, we tend to think of China as a manufacturing country, not a service providing country. In our digital world and with excellent shipping and mailing services available to us, China companies have found a way to compete with local businesses to provide quality printed materials often at a fraction of the price.

If you haven’t send a project outside of the country on something like printing, China can be a daunting proposition for someone who has only used a local source. Be sure to locate a company that will send you a proof for your approval prior to running the entire batch. Be sure to look for the company’s guarantee of your satisfaction as a customer. These days, you would be hard pressed to find a company that did not offer these basics, but be sure to seek them out specifically for your own peace of mind.

One of the best ways to find a company to do your printing China work is to search for the item you are printing. For example, if you are printing a run of posters, search for the term, “posters printing China.” This will bring up options for printers who specialize in doing posters. Another option is to do a search such as, “discount printing China.” From here, click on your search results to see if any of the vendors who come up in your search results offer poster printing services.

Often, when printing China materials, shipping is factored into the cost so it’s easy to compare you’re per unit price to a local print job. If it is not, get a shipping quote when getting the job quote, add it to the job quote and calculate the per unit price in order to be able to make a fair comparison between the two.

Remember when printing, China is a viable source option. With research, you could find an excellent source and get your job done quickly and inexpensively.

History of China Printing Industry

While many people think of many iconic contributions to world advancements and culture when they consider China, printing rarely makes that list. Yet China printing innovations were monumental contributions to the country as well as the world.

To give a brief history, the China printing industry was revolutionized during the Tang Dynasty, which was between the years 618 and 907. During that time period, ink and paper were in existence, so the Chinese are not credited with those inventions during that time frame. Rather, the printing process was invented and perfected during that time, which allowed for much more efficient reproduction of written materials. This brought about great cost savings as well as an educational component because of the new ability to further distribute information in a quick, less expensive manner.

Today, China is still an industry leader in the printing arena. In fact, much of today’s calendar printing, photo printing, catalogue printing, business printing, brochure printing, printing fliers, poster printing, book printing, card printing, shopping bag printing and much more is done in China. China printing companies can often offer significantly less expensive services at excellent quality and items shipped quickly.

Because China invented the process of modern printing, the country has stayed on the cusp on current methods and technologies. Understanding the methods and technology has allowed China printing companies to keep printing prices extremely competitive without any loss to quality. Because much of the world has the ability to upload printing projects via the Internet, many print jobs don’t have to occur at the local level any longer, the exception that being the small, fast turnaround jobs that people have done at their local print shop.

People who need to have large projects or large lots of items printed find that the turnaround time and price are most competitive when pricing the job with a company in China. Many of the companies provide a quote that includes shipping and often the turnaround time is less, including shipping, than other companies worldwide. This is for printing jobs in color or in black and white. Small scale projects can also be done at lesser expense through companies in China, but the projects where the greatest costs savings are realized are the large scale projects.

Regardless of the job you need done, be sure to look at all of your printing options, including China printing companies.

Things to Consider For Working with a Printing Press in China

When it comes to book printing services china, there are several important factors to consider in terms of quality and service.  There are good as well as bad printers; while good printers can actually help to take your business forward and develop it further, bad printers can destroy your business image with bad color choice, substandard printing and bad paper material.


Whether it is book printing, magazine, catalogue or brochure printing, there are things you need to check out before actually hiring a printing press in China you want to work with. While you can save money by choosing a cheap printer, yet the quality will not be what you are expecting and can actually cost more if you have to go for reprinting.


In order to make sure that you get a good Shanghai Printing job done at reasonable cost, there are some important things to consider for working with a China printing press.

Before placing your China Printing order, check out the books the printing press in China has produced. Even if they are cheaply produced, the cover should be tough and strong. It will ensure that the contents and pages remain secure and the book will not come apart. What will you do if the pages are torn and the book is in tatters by the time it reaches the readers?


It is very important to consider the binding of the book as it is very essential for a long lasting and readable book. Check out the adhesive and recheck to see if it sticks well and the paper corners are properly positioned. This is very important since the binding holds the books together and if it’s not held strongly, it will not be together for long.


Another equally important thing to consider for working with a China printing company is paper quality. No matter how cheap printing you are getting, paper quality is something you should never compromise on. Check the thickness or thinness of paper to determine how long it will last. Also see its color; if it’s while or cheap off white that many people don’t even buy.
It is essential to consider the color quality of the ink. If the ink fades easily when exposed to water, it is substandard ink that will also fade away with time. The images must look real in the book instead of looking blurred and faded. All these things play a crucial role in selling your books as reader like to buy books that have strong letters and beautiful and sharp images.
Last but not the least thing to consider is the alignment of the cuts, a look at the sample book will tell you how the paper has been alignment and if it has been done professionally.


Getting your book printing in China done at low costs is very good but it should not be at the cost of quality and standard as books are all about quality and good reading. The above mentioned guidelines are meant to help you when checking the sample printing of printing services in China to ensure that you get books that have been printed by a professional printer.

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