Over Packaging of items in China

It has became a serious problem for some Chinese companies to over package their products. This is specially true for Chinese gift packaging, like Chinese alcohol packaging. In some extreme cases, the cost of packaging is more than the cost of the items themselves. Thus the Chinese government suggest Chinese people look at the packaging in a more rational way. But the gift-giving is such a tradition which can not be changed so easily. It takes time for Chinese people to understand the over packaging is actually not so environmental-friendly.

Favorite Policy to Chinese Cultural Industry

Recently the Chinese government has launched a favorite policy towards Chinese Cultural industry, including the printing and packaging industry. It encourages private and foreign investments in the cultural industry, which was dominated by the state-owned companies before. We can expect more competition in the cultural industry in general, and of course it can also generate new business opportunities.

Trip to Australia in Sept., 2009

Longpacks sales manager Joseph Zhou and director Ning Pan spent 2 weeks in Sept., 2009 for a business trip to Australia.  It was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to visit our old clients again, and of course, we are also happy to see some new potential clients. We would like to take this opportunity to thank both our old and potential clients for their support and trust. We will continue to try our best to meet the needs of our clients in Australia.

Brochures Printed and Delivered within 3 days

We got a brochure printing assignment recently. The client from Singapore asked us to deliver within 3 days from giving the artwork to deliver to their address in Shanghai. We were very proud to announce that we made it! This Singaporean client is mutilnational consulting firm who needs these handouts for their meetings in Shanghai. But they have not finished their artwork until 3 days before the meeting began. We prepared out printing machines to be ready once their artwork became available, and thanks to the good cooperation between our client and us, we made this happen.