Point of Purchase Displays – how to spread your products effortlessly

Point of Purchase Displays might look like any other creative display but this is not the case.  These are meant to draw attention to customers who frequent a retail shop or supermarket with a view of drawing their attention to the items on display.  Impulse buyers do not really take time to budget or think twice whether the item they are buying is important.  The items on display include small thinks like chocolate, perfume, soda’s, lip balms, cigarettes just to name a few.  The stands are quite eye catching and strategically placed close to the counters or on the isles.

Point of Purchase Displays normally have extra advertisement regarding the product in question.  Your attention will be first drawn to the artful display and an eye-catching banner.  The banners are meant to draw the customer’s attention to the particular product on display.  This is a great marketing concept for both small and big organizations that are fighting to reach their custom base in every way possible.  The products are normally displayed on trolleys, stands, or dispensers where customers are able to see them and be drawn to them while doing their regular shopping.

What you need to know about Point of Purchase Displays

– They have a great impact on a product and on most occasions come with a high level of sales compared to ordinary advertisement.

– Meant to give products and or items a more professional view.

– Is a marketing strategy and does not come by accident.

– Come in different designs and styles but with one common goal in mind

Point of Purchase Displays stands are normally made of different materials and some are quite trendy and colorful.  Others are made by injection of molds to come with such unique designs.

Lastly, Point of Purchase Displays are made with the shoppers in mind that is why they are so strategically place.  Consumers easily identify with such marketing brands and normally there is a catch that will draw a buyer’s attention and in most occasion able to effectively increase the particular brands awareness into the market.  Either there is an incredible offer or they think that this is something they cannot do without.  These last marketing ploys when done professionally always have a touch on the customers purchasing power.  The impact that these displays make in the market is quite great and has a very large following.

How Litho laminated cartons can save your day

Litho laminated cartons were first made for heavy materials that needed protective and heavy duty packing.  The product was at the onset used by shippers for heavy machinery.  There are great features that come with it use.  One of the most important one is that since it does not come cheap it is preferred by high end customers to help store and keep their goods while on transport.  They are easily identified by the attractive artwork and stylish graphics.  Some of the companies who use them include the pharmaceutical industry, wineries, computer manufacturing companies, and the auto market just to name a few.

The visual impact that most Litho laminated cartons come with is the main reason they are preferred.  Visual attraction plays a great impact on how customers view and perceive a product in the market.  This is a matter that has been proved after many years of research.  Another reason why these Litho laminated cartons make good packages is because they are durable, are reusable and as a matter of fact made to withstand extreme weather conditions.  They are made to amongst other things withstand weight, tear and wear and durability.  Their durable nature has made them one of the leading packing materials around the world.

The Litho laminated cartons undergo extreme process to be able to come out with great and excellent products like that.  There is a very interesting science that most products undergo and one that will interest you is the fact that the ink dye or graphics are usually done last.   This is because most of the inks used are normally transparent and if put on top of the black will rarely make any impact.  The products unlike the normal cartons have a bubble like view that makes it look unique.  The fact that it undergoes several technological processes makes it quite durable and a desirable product.

Finally, the advent of technology has made printing Litho laminated cartons easier and simpler than it was years back.  The process took long and was quite tedious.  It is now possible to do all the process in one day which is a great improvement.  Thanks to technology, it now easier to transport heavy and delicate products without worrying of the weather conditions.  Shippers also prefer these because they are easier to pack together and pile on top of one another without a worry on earth.

A new look at the Chipboard carton

The word chipboard carton might be a little confusing to a new comer in the packing industry.  In real sense these are products that have been used since time immemorial.  The only difference is that they vary in weight, size and length.  They have all along been preferred because of their inexpensive nature and the fact that they are easily available.   Because they are made of easily available materials, they are easier to source compared to other modes of packaging material.   They are mainly found in brown and white but with the advent of technology it is now easier to have them laminated.

The Chipboard carton is a preferred mode of packing as they are easier to design according to different customers’ needs.  They are so common around us and one does not have to look further to know what these really are.  Products like cereal, and toothpaste just to name a few boasts of their packaging.  A walk down the store will give you a clear glimpse of the kind of cartons that don our homes and supermarket shelves.   The story behind their existence is quite interesting; they are made from chips of different woods that are of no value on many occasions.

The use of Chipboard carton presents many benefits as they come cheap, are easily degradable, are durable and is made to withstand different weather conditions.  On most occasions they are assembled together when being used.  They are also easy to store as they are made to lay flat thereby taking very little space.  Since they are not delicate other products can be comfortably stored above them if there is less space.  Chipboard carton are known to be stable and make very good shipping material.  Because they come in different sizes shippers easily identify with them.

When using them for shipping, since they stand straights goods normally reach their destination in the required state without any damage if at all.  Many of the Chipboard carton in the market are made on order and manufacturers top the list of those who use these on a day to day affair.  Apart from using them for shipping products, they are used for storage purposes around homes or offices.  They also come quite handy when moving houses or items from one place to another.  The fact that they are thin, light and versatile makes them a preferred mode of storage amongst both small and large businesses.

Chipboard boxes a new method of advertising

Chipboard boxes are some of the packages that you cannot miss around the home or office.  This is because most of light weight items are packed in them because they are versatile and quite easy to carry around.  They are made flat and are only assembled when needed for use.  Most manufacturers prefer them because they take very little space and can be used in different designs without affecting their shapes or designs.  Another important advantage is that they are re-usable.  They can be used around the home or office to store other products securely.

Chipboard boxes are nature friendly as they are easily assimilated in the environment.  Unlike paper bags and plastics, paper bags pose no danger to the environment giving environments something to smile about.  Because of the great danger that some packaging materials come with it has been necessary for packers to consider packaging materials that pose no known danger both to the environment and to its inhabitants both on sea and land.  Chipboard boxes is amongst the world’s packaging material that has met those needs as they are made from bits of crumbled boards and paper which pose no danger to the environment at all.

The use of Chipboard boxes is preferred as they are able to keep the items neat and properly arranged for a long time.  These boxes are used in offices to store stationery to protect them from unnecessary crumbling or keeping them away from dust and other natural calamities that normally open around the office from day to day like spillage of water or a fall.    These are products that are always within our view whether at home, office or even in stores.  Shippers also use them a lot to transport their goods from one destination to another because of the convenience that come with them.

Finally Chipboard boxes do not have to be the boring brown boxes people are used to on a day to day basis.  Technology has made it easier for manufacturers to coat them and brand them in accordance with their customer’s colors, designs and logo.  The fact that customers are able to identify with your logo is a great relief to the manufacturer.  Marketing products does not come easy and normally comes with extra costs regarding personnel and transport.  This is why many companies are opting to have their products marketed through packaging which is quite economical.

The Various Uses of China Printing

The most popular way of printing is China Printing. This is the most trusted way of printing invented by China now used by the whole world. All the multinational companies and the local businesses are using this sort of printing for their publications.

In the old times, there were printing blocks and inks used by the people for printing purposes. As the time get modern, the innovations and great inventions took place in this industry. These days, the printing is a whole dynamic industry which is getting bigger day by day.

Uses of China Printing:

As it says, this type of printing is highly used for the printing of many products. All the business related to any industry is using this China Printing to get their printing done. There are uses like:

It is used for the printing of children’s stationary books and copies.

It is used for the printing of products. Such as printing of electronics products’ packaging, printing of tetra pack products, printing on beauty products, etc.

It is used for the printing of promotional content. Such as brochures, pamphlets, flyers, etc.

It is also used for the printing of story books, magazines, billboards.

It is used for the printing of various marketing material for the products.

Hence, there are some of the unlimited uses that we can count when it comes to China Printing.

The China Printing is highly recommended by the small businesses which are new in their industry and wants to save some extra cost. This printing helps them in saving some money and they get the quality printing. There are so many companies now offering this printing to the clients in UK or Japan but they are still unable to beat the quality and affordability provided by the companies in China.

There are various companies in China which offers you the printing in all the modern way with all the modern techniques. The client should not be scared of the quality provided. Every new machine that you will see in the markets of big industries like UK, US or Japan, you will find it in the China. The prices are also comparatively lower than the big industries of UK, US or Japan.

The use of China Printing is increasing day by day and no doubt that all the industries are now relying on this type of printing than the laser jet or ink jet types.