Customized Cartons

Every modern person likes to have the things according to their taste. For that, they like to consult designers, experts, engineers and any of the related people.

When we talk about Chipboard Carton packaging boxes then there is special care to take, especially when your targeted audience is youngsters, women or children. The technique of attracting them is to make the packaging according to their moods.

When anyone enters into the shop, the first thing they look for is there required products. Moreover, whenever they choose some new product that it is because of their packaging. According to a survey, most of the consumers say that they try the new products because of their attractive packing.

Qualities of Good Packaging:

– The packaging with good shape and colors always attracts the consumers. The usual shape and boring colors will never attract the consumers. They think of them as an ordinary product. Packaging companies are now making Chipboard Carton packaging more appealing with the colors and shape.

– In juices and milk packaging, the opening is usually the cutting area or the flap open. The modern packaging is coming up with the new styles and opening ways. The young generation consumers usually like this kind of changes.

– Make the new era’s Chipboard Carton packaging, organic. It attracts the environmental friendly consumers. They like to have the products that tell them that they are close to the nature.

– Make the presentation of the packaging eye-catching. Using bright colors gets the notice of the human eye and they feel obliged to take it off from the shelf.

– A god Chipboard Carton packaging is not only required to look good but must also feel good when the consumers take them in hand. It is good to see that now packaging companies are taking care of this matter. This is also the demand by many of the biggest manufacturing companies.

– It is crucial for the marketing that the company must have designed into the attractive frame. The package must be user friendly with good shape, vibrant colors and handling.

– For kids, the Chipboard Carton must be easy to handle and magnetized. This is what all the toy manufacturing companies demand for. That way the children notice them and want to get them.

– Chipboard Carton is the interesting boxes, visibly. Making them more interesting could be done by adding some statement over them. This is really something versatile and unique way to market the product.

These are the main points through which packaging company could satisfy their clients in the best way. And the manufacturing companies can increase their sales and profits. Of course, if the quality of the product is good but the packaging is not interesting then no one will pay any attention towards it. But the good packaging will definitely attract the consumer and urge him to buy it. Remember that, it is the packaging that comes first and then the process of testing that product. If you want your consumer to buy it then improve the style of packaging.

Why chipboard carton is the answer to a green environment

The use of chipboard carton has increased drastically over the last few years. This has been necessitated by the fact that most goods now come pre-packed. Packaging is currently one of the world’s largest economy earners from Europe to Asia and Africa to America. They are lighter and quite easy to use both for packing and shipping. There is also the comfort and satisfaction of receiving the goods in one piece. Chipboard is made of recycled paper making them an eco friendly product currently in the market. The boxes can be made is several shapes and sizes depending on the requirement.

Chipboard carton currently one of the best preferred mode of packaging. The world is still grappling with the large packaging waste that is a danger to both the environment and its inhabitants. Manufacturers have been forced to go green. This ensures that any packaging material should be made of biodegradable material. The use of clipboard as a packaging material is a great relieve to most manufacturers as it is easy to handle and poses no threats even when discarded. They are also easier to store and transport from one place to another. Most manufacturers always provide free samples before manufacturing in bulk.

The demand for chipboard carton has risen steadily and given manufacturers something to smile about. This is mainly because of the rise in packaging needs. Goods are now not only packaged but also tend to be attractively packaged. Clipboard enables those who wish to do so to have them printed unlike few years ago when they were blank. Printing enables the customer to advertise and market their goods at no extra costs. Before any printing is done, the quality of the carton must be considered. Not all cartons are printable. Printing depends on the strength of the box.

Studies have found that for better printing of chipboard carton then SBS material should be used. Solid bleach sulphate or SBS at it is normally referred to ensures that the uses less ink during printing. Cartons without this particular material tend to absorb less ink and help in bringing out better and cleaner graphics. There are other factors that come during printing, for better quality of graphics and or vivid images coating is necessary. Coating is normally done on the inside but for printing purposes is done on the outer cover too. Kraft box are usually very difficult to print as they tend to absorb a large amount of ink, thereby making them look untidy.

Another important factor worth noting is that clipboard comes in variety of thickness. The thickness in most occasions dictates the type of items they should be used for. When transporting delicate items on chipboard carton a little padding is important. Delicate items like cartridges, jewelry and items of great worth are normally padded to ensure that they are not damaged whilst on transit. The cost that comes with manufacturing such items is so high thereby necessitating proper padding inside the cartons. Whatever your packaging purposes always ensure to go green, saving the environment is currently the world’s greatest need.

How suppliers have found their greatest need in the chipboard carton

Ask any supplier what their greatest need is and you will be surprised at the answer. It is having their products quality packed. Each time a customer’s goods are quality packed, their level of satisfaction rises. It is through finding such in chipboard carton that their popularity has risen, thereby increasing their use in the packaging industry. With these boxes employees do not have to be fully trained to enable them fix them together. It does not require a rocket scientist to understand how these cartons can be put together in minutes.

Very little or none at all is usually needed when it comes to putting these products together. Their width and size depends in the weight and nature of goods being packed. That is why customers normally seek the services of manufacturers and their assistants before making any order. Chipboard carton can also be glossed in tune with the theme colors of the company making an order. Many suppliers are opting to using these products as they are a promising and sure way of ensuring that their products are shipped comfortably. The numbers of companies manufacturing these products have also grown considerably.

Competition has helped in reduction of the overall costs of the carton worldwide. This can be ascertained by the fact that these are boxes that can be found literally everywhere we look around. Since they boxes became the best mode of packaging, plastic use is easily being withdrawn from the market as a packaging material unless they are eco-friendly and biodegradable. The amount of waste reduction through plastic waste has also helped in increasing the use of chipboard carton. Technology has also contributed considerably in the designs of cartons that are now found in the market.

The advent of technology is a great plus to the industry as they now have wider and better choices to choose from. Customers are also sure of designing their products and having them delivered to their specification. Whatever the case unless something new and better comes, these are products that are here to stay. The chipboard carton has proved over the years to be a great marketing tool for the number of producers who use the cartons to brand and market their products. Nothing would have come at a better time that the advent of technology in the 21st century. What a relief to both the manufacturers and the producers.

Finally, chipboard carton are quite user friendly and have no protruding or rough edges. They can be transported easily from one place to another with maximum ease. One of the greatest and largest users of these boxes has been the pharmaceutical industry. The growing industry requires that from time to time goods are transported from one place to place in record time. Their products are of a delicate nature and require that whatever form of packaging used must be reliable. This they have found in chipboard which is now known worldwide as the best ever product in the market.

Chipboard boxes where affordability and convenience come together

Custom packing or packaging is the norm thing. The ways goods are packed speak a lot of volumes about a particular business venture. The rise in packing costs and labor has also played a role in ensuring that affordability is considered. That is why many manufacturers and shippers are opting for the most convenient and easier to use chipboard boxes. They are affordable in that they are made of recycle paper products and pressed together. In case there is need to have them destroyed they are eco-friendly and not a danger to the environment and its environs. The number of its users is also growing with each passing day.

Success and failure can sometimes dictate how customers view your products. It is imperative that as a business owner or manufacturer to give customers the chance of identifying your products from a far through proper branding. Branding your products puts your merchandise top as customers are able to see them from a distance and know what they are looking for. They do not have to window shop and read instructions as they are already aware of what they are looking for. Chipboard boxes are currently one of the best ways to market and brand products.

Many companies are now investing heavily in having the right packaging material for their products. This is mainly because it is not only a marketing tool but is has been proven that it dictates in the amount of sales and profits earned at the end of each financial year. Many of the companies and manufactures where the chipboard boxes are made always give their customers free samples before printing their orders. This in essence enables them to make corrections in regard to the products requirement before they are made in bulk and shipped to the supplier.

The boxes are used for different occasions and many of the manufacturers are always willing and ready to help customer’s custom design their products at no extra cost. These are on most occasions after sales services given to customers upon placing an order. Whether ordering the boxes as a cereal box and or gift pack, it is important to get the right specifications to avoid spill over of items once packed. Chipboard boxes are quite easy to assemble making them one of the preferred packaging products amongst manufacturers and suppliers.

Finding the right box size need not be a problem, with the advent of technology, it is now easier than ever before to outsource such products from anywhere in the world. The leading supplier of these chipboard boxes currently is China. The Chinese have managed to keep a float in the market because of technology, innovativeness and affordability. The number of these boxes that leave China for the rest part of the world is amazingly large. Whether sourcing the boxes locally or abroad, it is important to note that they are easy to use, can be custom made and are quite affordable. If you want your goods and products to reach their destination in one place? why not go the chipboard box way.

What You Should Know about Chipboard Cartons

One of the great inventions in the packaging industry today is the introduction of chipboard cartons. Invention or introduction of new things in the industrial sector has become the order of the day. Technology has really played a significant role here as with its knowledge new methods of doing things such as processing, packaging and storage of already manufactured items have been detected. Chipboard cartons have become a very important material for packaging of products in practically every manufacturing company especially in China.

Brief history

The first ever chipboard cartons were introduced in England in 1817. It has existed in China for quite a long time. It was the invention of modern paper that stimulated the innovation of chipboard cartons. Folding cartons emerged in 1860. Due to the fact that it consumes space, it was flattened to cut down space for its users. Ever since its invention, it has undergone a lot of modifications as the technological know-how of the world improved.


1. They are thick paper-like materials with a thickness of about o.25mm (o.0098 inches) far thicker than ordinary paper.

2. It has a lot more weight when compared to the ordinary paper with a basic weight of 224g per metre square although with some exceptions.

3. It comes in single ply and double ply.

4. It comes in different colours and designs.

5. It has three distinct layers that form a ply, the chip layer and the flank layers.

6. It is very strong and therefore used for packaging of products.


1. Packaging- Due to their sturdy nature, they have been made a preferable choice for the packaging of most products. In most Chinese companies for instance, they are used in the packaging of electronics, food items, drugs and so many other products. It is a very much affordable packaging means.

2. Printing- Chipboard cartons are as well good for printing. This is expected as it was made of paper or wood in some cases. It can be produced in different colours and therefore is suitable for this purpose.

3. Book binding- It is no news that book covers are supposed to be thicker and stronger than the interior pages. Therefore this is an ideal binding option for book binding.


1. It is very affordable.

2. It is a multi-use material and serves a lot of purposes.

3. It is durable if handled with care.

4. It is very eye-catching if given a good design.


1. It can be destroyed by water.

Chipboard cartons can be subjected to disintegration after a long period of time.