Commercial Printing in High Demand

Commercial printing services are still in high demand despite the advances we have seen in technology over the years. The primary reason for this is because users are still unable to achieve the level of sophistication available with today’s web presses and other specialized equipment.

Take product packaging for instance. Because this is a specialized area, it’s a task not easily undertaken by a layperson. You in fact need to hire a professional to handle this type of work for you such a LongPack Printing Company in China. There are very few printing companies that specialize in specialized paper box printing, gift bag printing and other such printing projects.

Another consideration when thinking about commercial printing is how budgets have been slashed across the board in the current economic climate. Outsourcing your commercial printing to China can save your company a great deal of money. This is certainly something that should not be taken lightly since the realized savings can be put towards other printing projects, or even applied to another line item in your budget that has suffered these cuts.

LongPack can help you make these important decisions and show you other areas in which you can save with all of your commercial printing projects.

CTP: No import tax for Chinese Printing Market

From the year of 2010, about 16 kinds of printing equipment fell into the area of zero import tax for Chinese printing market. CTP is one of them. Besides, printing machines will be taxed from 3% to 9%.  The lowering of import tax for the printing equipment shows the Chinese government’s determination to support the upgrading of the printing equipments of Chinese companies.