China Printing Companies: Giving the New Hope to the Global Printing Industry

Right now, China printing companies are considered as the new hope for the global printing business. With the passage of time, book printing business is severely affected by the result of economic recession. However, this doesn’t mean that one should be hopeless. Printing companies in China have shown immense strength in terms of timely delivery of bulk order printing. Another important factor is cost saving. You can have quality printing at affordable rates.

On the other hand, you can’t have such advantage on other parts of world and even in your own country as well. Therefore, you can increase your earnings by simply outsourcing your printing related jobs to any of the printing companies in China. If you are associated with the book publishing or book printing business in which printing is an essential element, so you really need to allocate most of your budget for this job. However, by outsourcing your printing related jobs to printing companies in China, you can save a lot of money in your printing related budget.

You need to take some crucial decisions in regards to printing related jobs; hence China printing services are providing many printing solutions. Here the question arises that how do you find a reliable printing company in China. The answer to this question is to have help from internet. In these days, you won’t find it difficult to find reliable printing companies in China. Besides of multiple printing requirements, even it is not such complicated to have solution which can fulfill these requirements.

Whether you are looking for brochure printing, book printing, catalog printing, or any other printing related job, printing companies in China have all the solutions which can fulfill your requirements. Furthermore, these solutions are available at affordable prices along with timely delivery as well. You can easily find printing companies in China. In some cases, you need to contact via email in order to share your requirement with the particular printing company in China.

Whereas, on the other hand, you can directly contact by making calls to the Vendor and share your requirements. But in both cases, you can have the competitive advantage of having quality printing services at cheaper rates. These days, magazine printing is getting immense popularity all around the world in different countries. That is why; most of the businessmen who have been associated with magazine printing business are looking towards cheap China printing services.

Further, there are few other key elements behind the success of China printing industry. These include durability, long lasting, bulk order handling, excellent quality, cheaper rates, which is already mentioned above, global acceptability, excellent quality of raw material used for printing, and most importantly timely delivery of your order.

These all elements are contributing equally in the success of China printing industry. Therefore, you must contact any of the printing company in China and discuss your printing requirements with them. China printing services is providing all sorts of solutions considering your printing and packaging requirements and needs. Therefore, just grab the advantage and save money.

Case made Ring Binder to USA

1) Casemade ring binder:

Case size: 10-5/8 inch width X 12-inch height X 1-3/4 inch flat spine, square corners

case board: 1800gsm (3mm) gray board.

Cover: 2c printed with gloss lamination on 128gsm C2S paper

liner: 2c printed on 120 gsm uncoated paper.

Binding: 1-1/2″ 3 D-ring round , back cover mounted, rivets exposed.

2) Interiors pages

Form/Pages 210 Form/Pages

page trim: 11-inch height X 8-1/2 inch wide

Paper stock: 120g uncoated paper ( 80lb offset)

printing: 1c printed on 1 side. PMS for each section

3) Dividers

Count: 12 tabbed section dividers

paper trim: 11-inch height X 8-1/2 inch wide + 1/2-inch wide tabs

tab size: 2-inch tall rounded tabs, 1/2-inch wide

paper stock: 210gsm C1S card (12pt. GLS cover)

printing printing: 4c + 4C (4-color process)

diecut tabs / 3-hole punch left side of pages / collate / assemble into binder.

4) CD: CD duplication, screen printed 2C on surface

5) CD Pocket plastic CD pocket glued/affixed to inside back cover of binder.

6) Carton Pack:

Size: approx. 23″ x 11.50″ x 13.5″(H),

QTY 10pcs per carton

7) Shipping

Shipping from China to Los Angeles, CA U.S