Catalogs to New Zealand


Extent: 4pp cover+80pp text

Size:       210mm x 297mm

Material: Cover :  250gsm Gloss art paper

Text: 128gsm Gloss art paper


Cover:(4C+glossy varnish) x 4C  Text :  4C + 4C

Perfect Bound

We wish these to be delivered to Hastings New Zealand by the most cost effective option and wish to have these in Hastings New Zealand no later than 10 December 2010.

We are also interested in having the following products printed for the New Zealand school market.


We are interested in having our own certificates printed (own artwork) to

suit the New Zealand market:

A5  22cm x 14cm (or close size) and A6 on cardstock 200gsm – gloss or semi-gloss?  It would need to be an attractive finish that could be written on with a normal pen.

Prices for A5 and A6 and for 6000 copies each.  We are thinking of approximately 6 designs.

This would be 6 designs x 6000 copies.


We also wish to have stickers printed.  We have not finalised sizes yet but would prefer the sheets to be 150mmx105mm in total.  We prefer the stickers to be gloss to be attractive to teachers and schools.  We would be interested in 3000 sheets of each style initially.  3000 sheets x 6 designs

Round: One sheet contains 48 stickers (diameter: 15mm).

Square: One sheet contains 20 stickers (28mm*28mm).

Rectangle: One sheet contains 15 stickers (20mm*50mm).

Please also indicate if you shrink wrap the stickers into packs for re-sale.


Size: 65mm x 990mm

Material: 250g Glossy art paper
Printing: 4C+0C
Glossy Varnishing on one side

We wish to have prices for 6 designs x 1000 pieces  and 6 designs x2000 pieces.