For marketing activities you need brochure printing in various sizes.

Brochures are an essential part of the marketing budget in any organization. Flyers, leaflets, and brochures are used to tell the customer about the products and services that the company is going to offer. It contains in brief a description of the organization and also the prices if required of the products and services. Brochure printing is an important activity in the printing industry.

There are many companies that provide brochure printing solutions. You can print brochures of sizes 5.5” X 4.25” to 12” X 26”. The various types of brochures that can be printed are: Flat page brochure, 2 Panel (half fold) brochures, 3 Panel brochures, and 4 Panel brochures. From printing 50 brochures to printing 1,00,000 brochures, you will choose the number as per your advertising budget and requirements. Any of the printing processes namely: digital printing, offset printing, full color printing, screen printing, and custom printing can be used to print the brochures. Each is a good process and the individual press will have their different printing machines.

Some of the brochures printing solutions providers have ready to use templates for the brochures. Templates for the following category are useful if available readily: Accounting, architecture and interior design, beauty, massage, and spa, computers and technology, automotive and transportation, and business services. Some standard brochure printing paper sizes are 8.5 X 11 brochures, 8.5 X 14 brochures, and 11 X 17 brochures. Custom size brochures and color brochures are requirements from various customers of brochure printing industry. The factors one looks for while going in for the brochure printing process are flexibility, economy, reliability, and fitting ones budget requirements. Moreover the organization that is getting the brochures printed should be able to tell the use of the brochures, provide full or part of the content for the brochure, suggest or provide the graphics for the brochures, and be enthusiastic about the printing that is required for them. The brochures will be used as advertising material, for marketing, and to improve sales.

Heidelberg presses are commonly used for the brochure printing. There are many models of this press and each solution provider will tell you which one they have. You might have a short run job and you want a fast delivery deadline. The brochure printing solution provider will be very interested to impress you so that you come back to them again and again for all your brochure printing needs.

The brochure printing solution providers come with many benefits. You can order for brochure printing for numbers as low as 100 to fit your budget and also the maximum can be as many as you require. The orders from all customers will receive undivided attention and they normally have huge numbers of customers. The printing will be of the best quality and customer satisfaction is the prime focus. The prepress department is very experienced and should answer all your queries. They will show you a sample of the brochure before going ahead with the entire job of brochure printing. They aim to give 100% satisfaction for the printing jobs. Last but not the least they need you as repeat customers for brochure printing. The paper used for the brochures will have good opacity characteristics. Low resolution images and no bleeds are two of the shortcomings of brochure printing jobs, but most printing solution providers are able to get around these limitations and print great brochures for you.

Design and print lovely brochures for all your advertising needs!