Booklet to South Africa

I reside in South Africa.

I have a booklet that I am seeking the best possible price to print.

1. The publication will be in the form of a diary with a number of extras

2. Double page equals one week divided into days. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday on one page and    Thursday, Friday and Saturday/Sunday on the opposite page. These will be one colour; either black and white or blue and white if the price is the same.

3. In addition to these one colour pages an additional 15 such pages for the Index page, Foreword page, and other topics

4. An additional 44 pages (that is 22 x 2) full colour pages. Design etc will be provided. Two of these colour pages (which means 4 pages actually) will be placed between each month. So that means 11 x 4 = 44

5. Size A5

6. Please quote in units 100,000 (one hundred thousand) showing decrease in price per unit for larger volumes up to 500,00

7. Perfect binding

8. Soft cover pages but both the inside and outside covers will be full colour.

9. Show time span required to print 300,000

10. Use your discretion re the thickness and quality paper to be used. But please bear in mind that the cost and quality is the most important part of this project.